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"RONY ROLLER CIRCUS, LIFE & MAGIC"   Trailer Ufficiale (Prima Visione RAI)
Giacomo A. Iacolenna

"RONY ROLLER CIRCUS, LIFE & MAGIC" Trailer Ufficiale (Prima Visione RAI)

DISPONIBILE SU RayPlay: "RONY ROLLER CIRCUS, LIFE & MAGIC" Trailer Ufficiale (Prima Visione RAI) un documentario di @GiacomoA.Iacolenna Web Site:​ Instagram: Facebook: To pay homage to circus art, to highlight its life and everyday life by trying to remove the easy prejudice that hovers around this world. "Rony Roller Circus - Life & Magic", the documentary by the filmmaker Giacomo A. Iacolenna, with the patronage of the ENC (National Circus Authority), also addresses the theme of the hard clash between circus and animal rights activists. In the work of Iacolenna the reality of a small community in which the strength of mind, the openness, the sharing and the integration between different cultures, are the foundations of a different and still poorly studied lifestyle. All is narrated by the exponents of a historian and ancient circus family: the Vassallo's. The aim of this work is to fascinate the viewer by giving emotions and bringing the minds to reflect from a point of view totally thrown compared to the conventions, removing controversy. It is a slice of genuine life, exciting and moving features; a reality that many ignore, but from which, in all likelihood, will be fascinated. The background, in the images, is followed by the photographic work "The Fabulous Destiny of Dainaly" by Liliana Ranalletta, on the everyday life of Dainaly, an autistic girl who has found her place in the universe in the circus, its truest dimension, mirror of his deep inner world full of sounds, shapes, colors and magic. #ronyrollercircus #documentario #giacomoiacolennafilmmaker ---------------------- RONY ROLLER CIRCUS "LIFE & MAGIC"-OFFICIAL TRAILER un film-documentario di GIACOMO A. IACOLENNA una produzione IACO FILM Con il patrocinio dell'ENC (Ente Nazionale Circhi) Un ringraziamento speciale al Rony Roller Circus e a tutto lo staff e gli Artisti. Il Libro fotografico "THE FABULOUS DESTINY OF DAINALY" è a cura di Liliana Ranalletta Book Project: Irene Alison Si ringrazia Andrea Giattini per la partecipazione tramite il suo lavoro fotografico "Il Circo oltre lo spettacolo". Le immagini di archivio storico sono a cura di Mauro Cantoro (Circus Movie Collection) Si ringrazia la redazione di Circus Tutti i diritti riservati. Copyright Giacomo A. Iacolenna 2020 #ronyrollercircus #giacomoiacolenna #documentario #FreaksOut #film My showcase: ACQUISTA Viltrox Ef - M2:​ ACQUISTA Blackmagic Pocket 6k: #bmpcc6k​ #bmpcc6kpro​ #blackmagic​ #P6k​ #blackmagicpocket​ #iacolennafilmmaker​ #giacomoiacolenna​ #giacomoiacolennafilmmaker #rai5 #raiplay
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